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Should You Be A Part Of The Carpet & Rug Cleaning Market, And Is It Worth It?

Everette Carpet Care & Restoration is a carpet steam cleaning & water damage restoration company located in Fairfax VA.. Our objective is to inform future carpet steam cleaning professionals about how profitable the carpet carpet repair market can be if you're an ethical entrepreneur and you treat your customers excellent. If you do these 2 things your going make a great deal of money and your going create raving fans that love your work and your service. It is vital that you provide advertisement on service such as, carpet repair work, upholstery cleaning, leather cleansing, and oriental carpet repair and cleaning. By offering these extra services you could double or triple your company's yearly earnings.

Usually, we charge 55 cents a square foot for our basic clean plan, 85 cents a square foot for our deep scrub package, and $1.15 per square foot for our deep scrub with scotch carpet protection package. So, if you're considering entering into the carpet steam cleaning industry and your on the fence and you're asking yourself well, is it worth it? The answer would need to be hell yeah, it is so worth it, however you will have a preliminary financial investment of a portable extractor (at the least) and some extra attachments & hoses.

A used portable steam machine could cost about $900-$ 4500 depending upon the type and brand. The benefit is that in the carpet steam cleaning and water damage repair market you do not have to use a great deal of cleaning solutions. This will absolutely assist you to produce more earnings for your company. The dilution rate of the majority of items is one to two ounces per gallon of water used. This will permits you to effectively clean your customer's rugs and carpeting without wasting your money on carpet cleaning chemicals.

Although, you could pay more for your items however it depends upon the specific brand names that you choose to utilize. If you ever talk with a local carpet cleaner about the carpet cleaning market, many will let you know that they charge a minimum of $150 to $325 per hour.

Knowing this about the typical carpet cleaning company should help you find out if it's truely worth it to clean carpets, yeah? Once you choose to do this, make certain that you get some training, that's very important|. I would highly recommend that you would get IICRC certified training if you can afford it. As soon as you get the training you will be on your way to producing a fantastic business and lots of pleased customers.

Contact Everette Carpet Care & Restoration if you have an interest in beginning a carpet cleaning service or if you need your carpet or upholstery cleaned. We can be reached at (877 )783-3606 or email us at Our service area consists of Springfield VA, Alexandria VA, Fairfax, Reston, Herndon, Lorton, Woodbidge, Stafford, Fredericksburg, Washington DC, and Maryland just to name a few.

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